Orville Large Emperor Penguin

Orville Large Stuffed Penguin

This Orville Large Stuffed Penguin is sure to make a big impression. Maybe your little one just learned about penguins in school or saw the movie “March of the Penguins” and you want to foster an interest in nature and animals. Perhaps you know an adult who fell in love with the world’s largest penguin long ago.

Whatever your penguin need, this high quality, 33″ penguin will be sure to bring smiles wherever he goes.

Aurora World Wrinkles Bouncy Baby Penguin

Aurora World Wrinkles Bouncy Baby Penguin Plush

This Aurora World Wrinkles Bouncy Baby Penguin Plush is a pudgy little fellow with a super cute, wrinkly look that will melt your heart. He measures well over a foot tall and has the softest coat imaginable. Aurora makes very high quality toys and this stuffed animal will delight for years and years.

Emperor Mama and Baby Penguin

Stuffed Emperor Penguin Chick and Mama

This Stuffed Emperor Penguin Chick and Mama is a super cute pair of penguins that will make any aquatic bird lover squawk with delight. What could be more adorable than a little baby Emperor penguin? A little baby Emperor penguin with its mama, that’s what! This would also make a great baby shower gift to represent mother and baby.

This duo measures about 12″ in height.

Giant Stuffed Penguin

Giant Stuffed Penguin

We’re pretty sure this Giant Stuffed Penguin Huge Plush Animal Made in America is one of the biggest plush penguins you can get. If you absolutely, positively must have the largest, most impressive plush penguin in the whole world then this guy may be the one for you. He is sure to knock the socks off of any penguin lover!

This giant stuffed penguin is 5 ft in height and is made in the U.S.A.

Ty Wild Wild Best Icicles Plush Penguin

Ty Wild Wild Best Icicles Plush Penguin

The Ty Wild Wild Best Icicles Plush Penguin is handmade but, like all Ty products, super affordable. Icicles is part of the company’s new Wild Wild Best line of furry friends. He has big, adorable handpainted eyes and airbrushed coloring on his body.

Baby Emperor Penguin Puppet

Baby Emperor Penguin Puppet

This Baby Emperor Penguin Puppet is so cute. Place your hand inside and move his head and wings. 9″ Tall x 5″ Long x 5″ Wide.

Reviews on Amazon say: “soft and huggable,” “good size,” “plays with it for hours,” “best present ever,” “well made,” “fits hand perfectly,” and “excellent buy.”

Melissa and Doug Penguin Plush

Melissa & Doug Penguin Plush

The Melissa & Doug Penguin Plush is cuddly and stands on his own. He’s realistic looking and extremely huggable. Like all Melissa & Doug stuffed animals, it is extremely high quality.

Aurora Penguin with Egg

Aurora World Penguin with Egg

The Aurora World 10″ Penguin with Egg is an adorable 10″ stuffed penguin that pops out an egg when you squeeze her stomach. The egg contains a cute little baby Emperor penguin finger puppet.

Small 11" Plush Gund Penguin

Small Plush Gund Emperor Penguin

This Small Plush Gund Emperor Penguin is an adorable little Emperor penguin measuring 11″ tall. He’s got a cute little face and airbrushed pale yellow on the breast and ears to realistically recreate the coloring of Emperor penguins.

20 Facts About Emperor Penguins

20 Facts About Emperor Penguins

Emperor penguins are amazing animals. If you want to know more about these cute but tough guys, check out these 20 facts about Emperor penguins.